“Does my bottom look big in this?” It is a familiar cry that we hear all the time when ladies are trying on new clothes, isn’t it?

buttocks-and-tighsThe truth of the matter is that many people are dissatisfied with their body shape and the area that grabs a lot of the attention is around the buttocks and thighs where cellulite likes to gather.  This is definitely a prime target area for weight loss and traditionally this is attempted through a controlled and balanced diet and some kind of exercise regime.  The trouble is that, despite sticking to a rigid diet and making sure the exercise regime is followed to the letter, more often than not there will remain stubborn pockets of fat that will not disappear no matter how hard you try.  It is quite common with a big weight loss for the skin to sag a little and that kind of defeats the object of losing the weight in the first place, because what is the point of looking slimmer if that ugly fat is replaced by ugly sagging skin?

It is possible to tackle these stubborn pockets of fat using ultrasound and vacuum cavitation treatment and to address cellulite problems too.  There are many modern treatments that will help to reduce fat and cellulite whilst tightening the skin and radio frequency therapy and laser treatment are also available.

With all the various solutions that are available these days in banishing cellulite and reducing fat, it makes perfect sense to take advantage of our totally free consultation service to discuss the exact nature of what you want doing and deciding on the appropriate therapy or therapies that should be used.

You may be wondering how on earth radio frequencies can be of any use at all, but you may be surprised to hear that the radio frequencies actually work on a small area of skin by heating the inner layer whilst cooling the outer layer at the very same time.  This serves to promote the growth of new collagen, which is a natural reaction to the inner layer of skin being heated up.  The effects of this new collagen growth can be felt almost immediately as the skin tightens and the results can be quite impressive.

As well as coming to the rescue of buttocks and thighs, radio frequency therapy can also be used on other parts of the body including the abdomen, the upper arms, the face and the neck.


It seems to be a woman’s worst nightmare these days – the dreaded cellulite, but some medical professionals would have us believe that it is perfectly natural.  Even if it is perfectly natural, it doesn’t mean that you have to put up with it.  What may confuse you, however, is that cellulite isn’t so much a physical substance, but more of a description of a change in topography of the skin, just as ‘tanned’ is a description of the change in the colour of the skin.

The cause of cellulite is the build-up of subcutaneous fat deposits just below the skin which gives it a rather dimpled look.  It is far more common in women than it is in men, affecting up to 90 per cent of females who have passed the age of puberty and tends to latch on to the areas around the pelvis and most annoyingly on the abdomen, bum and thighs.  This build-up of subcutaneous fat deposits is not totally understood, but some theories suggest that there may be several different culprits at work including hormonal, genetic and dietary factors.  It is even thought that, in some circles, tight underwear could be a cause of cellulite and possibly lifestyle choices such as smoking and not taking enough exercise could also contribute to the build-up of subcutaneous fat deposits that cause it.

Cellulite is a much more polite way of referring to the condition.  The medical terms for it are unpronounceable on the whole and the colloquial terms for it include ‘hail damage’, ‘cottage cheese skin’ and ‘orange peel syndrome’.  However, no matter what name you give to it, you really want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

There are some simple steps that can be taken that could assist treatments for cellulite, such as making better lifestyle choices and eating a healthy and balanced diet.  Anything that will help reduce body fat has got to be advantageous.  These steps will lay a good and solid foundation for when you start to receive cellulite explosion therapies.

Therapies to combat cellulite range from massages to stimulating lymph flow to electric stimulation to several pharmacological solutions.  Other available therapies include ultrasound, heat therapy and radio frequency therapy.

All of the options available to you for treating and reducing cellulite can be discussed at one of our free consultations so that the best course of action for your individual case can be taken.


Your eyes are supposed to be the window to your soul, but how frustrating it is when the window frames seem a little rough around the edges.  Wrinkles and sagging eyes all come as a side effect of getting older and, quite frankly, the creams and lotions available to tackle ageing skin are all very well, but never seem to penetrate deeply enough to have a real lasting effect on the problem.  Wouldn’t it be great then, if there was a way of getting the nutrients the skin needs directly to where the skin needs them?

This is where a galvanic facial will come to the rescue and you will find that our galvanic spa treatment in combination with Nu Skin products will reach right down to the root of the problem and start rejuvenating cells to give your skin a much younger look and feel to it.


You may be wondering how exactly this works and to be honest the answer is electrifying.  That is to say that the system uses the same principles as electricity by using negative and positive charged galvanic action to push the specially formulated gel deep into your skin and then draw all the impurities out of it.  A second specially formulated gel is then given a positive charge to push nutrients into the skin.

The galvanic facial system is extremely effective and you can almost watch the wrinkles disappear before (and around) your very eyes.  In addition, the galvanic facial massage speeds up lymph and blood circulation and this in turn carries away excess fluids and the excess cellulite dissolves banishing sagging eyes and making you feel totally refreshed and looking much younger.

This method of deep cleansing and rejuvenating the skin with nutrients using negative and positive charged ions has proved very effective and is, therefore, very popular, especially as it can be used to treat a wide range of skin types from very oily to very dry.

Initially, you may require galvanic facial treatment a couple of times a week to restore a healthy balance to your skin but, once this has been achieved, it may only be necessary to repeat the galvanic facial treatment just once a month.

To really fully appreciate how effective this treatment is and a more comprehensive description of what it entails, you should enquire about our free consultation service to determine the best course of action for you.


A girl loves her skin to be as smooth and as attractive as it can possibly be and, to that end, it is only natural that she will want to remove the hair that stops her skin feeling as smooth as silk and looking beautiful.  There are, of course, several ways that this effect can be accomplished, the most common method being the use of a razor to shave the area of unwanted hair.  Most of the methods are only temporary solutions, however, with shaving being the most temporary of them all, and removing unwanted hair can become quite a chore.

Shaving unwanted hair merely cuts away the hair that is showing and it doesn’t take long for new hair to grow and so, in some body areas, people will attempt to pluck the hairs, which removes the hair, but not the follicle from which it grows so eventually new hair will emerge.

In an effort to have hair free skin for longer periods, it is quite common to have the areas of unwanted hair waxed.  This involves having a strip of wax patted onto the area and allowing the unwanted hair to embed itself into the wax. Then the strip is quickly peeled off in the opposite direction to the natural growth of the hair, removing it from the follicle.  Sugar waxing is an alternative which uses the same procedure, but is easier to clean off after the strip has been removed.  Sugar wax is water soluble and can just be wiped away as opposed to ordinary wax which usually has to be peeled off.

All these methods, however, won’t result in permanent hair free skin and the solution you need for that is laser sheer treatment.  You can discuss this when you take advantage of our free consultations and the whole process will be explained to you along with the number of sessions you should book in order to make the hair removal permanent.

The difference between laser sheer treatment and the other methods that have been traditionally used to remove unwanted hair is that laser sheer treatment actually goes to the root of the problem quite literally.  Instead of just removing the hair, laser sheer treatment targets the hair follicle which inhibits new growth.

In the quest for smooth, hairless skin, many methods have been tried, but laser sheer treatment will be far more effective than using a razor,


Aches and pains in the muscles seems to be quite common when you get older, but muscle pain isn’t only restricted to the more elderly amongst us.  In fact muscle pain can strike anyone, anywhere at any time.  The medical term for muscle pain is myalgia and it can occur for many different reasons.  The three most common reasons are: trauma or injury, such as sprains and strains; overuse, for example by trying to protect an injury elsewhere on your body, over exertion or too much exercise or overstretching; chronic tension.

Further to these common causes, you might also suffer from muscle pain if you are also suffering from certain diseases and disorders.  Influenza is a well-known source of muscle pain, of course.  Another cause of muscle pain is as a side effect to certain medications or even a response to a vaccination.

Just as there are several causes of muscle pain, it is refreshing to know that there are several ways of treating it also.  The secret is finding the one that is not only the most effective, but also the one that you can be comfortable with.  This is why the free consultations we offer are so valuable and are the perfect way of discussing the type of therapies you can try to tackle your muscle pain.

By far the most common therapy for muscle pain is massage therapy.  This kind of therapy is highly effective for many different conditions such as arthritis, headaches and migraine and, of course, muscle pain including spasm and rehabilitation following motor accidents.

Massage therapy is used in order to manipulate the body’s soft tissues thereby helping to relieve the discomfort caused by stress on the body, including sprains and strains and overuse of the muscles.  RMT massage therapy could be enhanced or substituted with other therapies such as reflexology, aromatherapy and acupuncture.  The good thing to note about massage therapy is that some medical plans recognize it as a valid form of therapy and will contribute towards the cost of it.

It doesn’t matter if you are an athlete with a muscle sprain, a motor accident victim with a bad back or even someone just a little advanced in years and feeling the stresses of everyday life in their muscles, you will all be able to gain a lot of relief with a course of massage therapy.

There are, of course, other kinds of therapy available for muscle pain, such as heat therapy or ultrasound, but the tried and tested therapy still remains the massage.


Time isn’t the kindest of masters and sometimes he can be downright mischievous! Especially when it comes to making our faces more wrinkly when we get older.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just iron those irritating wrinkles away?  Everyone wants to have smooth skin, but unfortunately as we grow older the skin doesn’t renew itself quite so frequently and this leads to a loss of moisture in the skin and consequently dry, dehydrated skin produces wrinkles.

It would seem, therefore, that if we could get the moisture back in the skin that the wrinkles should disappear.  However, anyone who has used moisturising facial cleanses and anti-ageing products will know that it isn’t quite as simple as that, because moisturising the top layer of the skin is not getting to the proper areas.  Deep penetration is needed and that is where bio lift 3 treatment comes in.

Once the wrinkles set in and the eyes sag, thoughts of getting a face lift start to creep into a woman’s mind and, of course, that thought is soon subdued in most when the cost and the surgical procedures are taken into account.

There are women who do obviously weigh up the cost and the surgical procedures and feel that their need is significant enough to warrant the expense and discomfort, but not everyone is in a position to be able to afford to do that.

Luckily there are alternatives to having a surgical face lift and bio lift 3 is a prime example.  If you are seriously considering getting rid of your wrinkles, saggy eyes and flabby chin, then you really need to take full advantage of the free consultations that we offer in order to see what this treatment can do for you and be amazed at the low comparative price to surgery.

The clever combination of ultrasound and electric current serves to promote the growth of collagens which tighten the skin and rejuvenate the area treated.  You will soon see wrinkles smoothed out and the very high speed ultrasonic vibrations also serve to deep cleanse the skin, forcing all the bad stuff out, such as dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads and dirt and grease.

The deep cleansing effect that bio lift 3 has will significantly improve skin health which, in itself, will counter some of the obvious ageing signs such as wrinkles, sagging eyes, and loose skin.  The Bio lift 3 system will attack the problem from multiple sides and, because it is non-invasive, recovery from the treatment will be far quicker than if the patient was sent home.


It is quite annoying when some people can eat absolutely anything they like yet others only have to catch the scent of a chocolate bar and they put on pounds.  Some surveys have shown that more than eighty per cent of women are unhappy with their weight and half of those said their stomach was their worst feature.  The truth is that, as well as looking unattractive, belly fat is not good for your overall health.

There are, apparently, two types of fat that contribute to belly fat.  Subcutaneous fat usually accounts for ninety per cent of the fat mass and what is known as visceral fat makes up the remaining ten per cent.

Fat can accumulate for many different reasons and so it is important to look at your diet and lifestyle to see if you can reduce the causes of fat build up.  Eating the right foods and taking enough of the right kind of exercise is a good course of action to take.  It is, of course, a good feeling to lose fat from that area because it makes a woman feel more attractive and confident, but far above and beyond that reason, losing fat from the stomach is beneficial to health.

Not everyone, however, finds it east to follow a diet or maintain an exercise program and, even those that do will find stubborn pockets of fat that refuse to disappear.  When that is the case, a little help is needed and taking advantage of our free consultations will give you all the information you will need to make an informed decision about what course of treatment would best suit you.

Since we have now ventured into the twenty first century, there are technologies available that help with the reduction of subcutaneous and visceral fat, such as ultrasound and vacuum cavitation, that are non-invasive, don’t require surgery and are completely pain free.

Ultrasound and vacuum cavitation are available with the vacuum tripolar system and the ultrasound waves stimulate the tissue in the area it is treating, heating up as time progresses.  This attacks the fat cells making them implode and the remnants are generally passed out of the body through the urinary system.

Having the stomach you always wanted will have a profound effect on not only your appearance and self-esteem, but also on the quality of health you will enjoy afterwards.  Ultrasound and vacuum cavitation can offer you the benefits of liposuction without the surgery.


Modern day life is lived at a very fast pace and it is of no wonder that we constantly suffer from aggravating pain and fatigue.  However, it doesn’t have to rule our lives – there are a great number of things we can do in order to relieve not only the pain and fatigue that we have to endure, but also some of the root causes as well.

Obviously a healthy and balanced diet will always help towards maintaining better health and will help to reduce the risk of pain and fatigue.   It is also important not to over use or over stretch muscles when we exercise or when carrying out everyday tasks such as DIY or hanging out washing.

Of course, the traditional remedies for treating pain and fatigue include taking nice, relaxing, hot baths with mineral salts added, heat sprays, acupuncture or even an old-fashioned massage, perhaps using aromatherapy or reflexology.  However, we are now living in a technological age and so we should really be looking towards technological solutions to bring much needed relief to the pain and fatigue we experience as a result of the stresses and strains we put on our bodies throughout the day.

It would seem that the answer to the problems of pain and fatigue is sound – or to be more precise, ultrasound.  Combining this with the vacuum cavitation capability of a vacuum tripolar system will effectively heat up the area affected whilst massaging the skin tissue producing effective relief for fatigue and pain.

As well as being very useful in relieving pain and fatigue, the vacuum tripolar system is also effective in reducing subcutaneous fat deposits by dissolving them and letting the lymph system disperse it.  Consequently, it is possible to see weight loss and a reduction in the orange peel effect that cellulite has on the skin if the vacuum tripolar treatment is used on the areas affected by this, as well as getting relief from pain and fatigue.

It is clear then that we have several choices available to us when deciding on treatment for pain and fatigue and it is highly recommended that you have one of our free consultations in order that the correct and appropriate course of treatment can be offered to you.  All options will be open to you from the traditional to the technological and maybe you may want to treat yourself and have it all.

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